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Workers Compensation Reporting Guidelines

Posted by Aspire Consulting on January 25, 2017
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Workers Compensation Reporting Guidelines

February 1st is coming up, which is the day that employers must post their OSHA 300A. Completing an OSHA log is required by all employers that have at least 10 or more employees during the previous year. You must post your OSHA 300A Summary from the previous year (not the log) in a common area visible for all employees by the February 1st deadline and keep it posted until April 30th.

Starting this year if you have over 20 employees, you are required to electronically submit your OSHA 300A summary to Federal OSHA for posting to the OSHA website.  This site is currently not up and running, but should be available starting February 1.  It is required that your summary be submitted by July 1, 2017.

In the Construction industry, the use of temporary labor is quite common. If you use temporary labor at your site, YOU are required to record any injuries or illnesses that occur on your jobsite on your OSHA 300 forms.  This includes the 301 incident report, the 300 log and the 300A summary.  While the worker’s compensation claim will be the responsibility of the staffing agency, OSHA 300 recording is your responsibility.

Additionally, from a Labor and Industries standpoint, in Washington, you have 8 hours to call the Department of Safety and Health Services (DOSH) to report an accident when:

  • One or more injured workers are admitted to the hospital.
  • If it is probable that a workers’ injuries will be life threatening.
  • An injured worker has died.

The DOSH reporting line is (800) 4BE-SAFE or (800) 423-7233.

If you have any questions or concerns about reporting in regards to your OSHA 300 or the DOSH requirements, please call your Aspire Account manager so we can help you through the process. ABC and Aspire are committed to helping members with all of your workers’ compensation reporting needs.


Greg Kabacy, MBA, CDMS Aspire Consulting LLC