Retrospective Rating Administration

Labor and Industries in Washington offers a financial incentive program that allows employers to earn refunds on the workers’ compensation premiums they pay. Aspire provides services to companies and groups, designed to evaluate the different retro options as well as help maximize retro returns.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

Our staff actively and aggressively manage all aspects of a workers’ comp claim, focusing heavily on return to work and avoiding time loss costs.

Safety and Loss Control Services

Our services include, but are not limited to: fine-tuning safety meetings, safety orientations, hiring practices, return to work programs, accident prevention programs and incident reporting.  Our staff provide your company with proven strategies that will assist in making your work site a safe environment for all of your staff. 

Return to Work Services

Aspire has access to the largest return to work resources in the state. In addition, we have two fully accredited vocational counselors on staff to facilitate early return to work services. We aid our employers in identifying and developing return to work options that meet the physical capacities of their injured workers, so that they can save time and money and reach claim resolution as quickly as possible.

Employer Consultation

Do you have questions about your workers’ compensation rates, risk classes, or Experience Modification Rating (EMR.) Our staff can do a thorough review, analysis and the calculations necessary to help you make financially sound business decisions.

Employer Training

Our comprehensive training is designed to educate employers on the basics of claims management, incident reporting, return to work, retrospective rating, and ways that they can save money and time in the confusing L&I process in Washington.