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Hiring Practices are Key to a Healthy Workforce

Posted by Aspire Consulting on March 21, 2017
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Hiring practices are Key to a Healthy Workforce


One of the key elements of a strong safety culture is understanding how proper staffing and hiring practices can affect your risk to potential worker’s compensation claims.  Staffing is arguably the most important function of management.  Who you hire and how you train will dictate the health and growth of your company.

This starts with the job posting and application.  Make these work for you.  Put together a detailed job posting and thorough application with specific requirements for what you need.  This is where the filter starts.  Indicate requirements such as pre-employment drug screening and background checks and ask for a detailed work history.  This will reduce unwanted applicants saving time and unwanted headaches.

As you review applications and identify potential candidates, your next step is to make a few phone calls.  It is futile to check personal references as these are listed by the applicant to make them look good.  A more effective practice is to call previous employers and make a few inquiries – ask if the applicant would be considered for re-hire.  You may have to “read between the lines” depending on the responses you receive.  In addition, look at their work history.  Do they have a stable work history or do they have a new employer every 6-8 months?  Are there any significant gaps?  This may indicate someone who has had a previous claim and may not be physically suited for the position you are posting. 

The next step is the interview.  Look for visual cues, ask specific safety questions based on their experience, and inquire about any gaps in work history.  While you can’t ask specifically if a worker has had a previous claim, they may offer information that will assist you in making a more informed decision.

The last step before hire would be gathering I-9 documentation.  We encourage the use of E-Verify prior to employment to confirm the accuracy of the information the worker is providing you and it is virtually instantaneous.

If you have any questions about how to improve your hiring practices and mitigate your risk to claims, please call your Aspire account manager so we can assist you further.  ABC and Aspire are committed to helping members with all your workers’ compensation needs.


David Boehm, Aspire Consulting LLC